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Safe Children Web Surfing

We know any parent can evoke one or more reasons for limiting or banning their children’s access to the Internet. The more recent study has shown that the three biggest concerns for parents are:

  • Excessive online surfing which leads to decreased productivity at school and fewer interactions with family members
  • Compulsions due to too much gaming
  • Access to inappropriate content.

ITEKA TECH can provide you a protocol allowing you (parents or guardians) to authorize and supervise your children’s access to the internet and let them explore only the informative content.

ITEKA TECH invites you to test its protocol and guarantee you great satisfaction.

This service is only $129.99/year for all your Apple and Android devices as well as Mac and Windows Computers.

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ITEKA protocol allows you to

Regulate children’s activities on the internet.

Block searches and access to inappropriate websites.

Keep an eye on the sites they visited.

Authorize access of any devices at agreed times.

Permit or block access to any consoles.

Enable the location of their device.